Sunday, December 30, 2012

thanksgiving fun

Before Thanksgiving Day, the cousins got together and went exploring in Dubuque's Aquarium Museum. The kids seemed to really like it, it was a pretty nice day for late November, that the kids got to enjoy some of the outdoor area by the museum too. We drove some radio controlled boats, built some damns, looked at a bunch of cool fish, and even played in the water exhibit area, where amazing enough no one got too wet.

Fun from the museum

The Kloss side did something we've never done before- that was to take a huge family picture! It was crazy, but nice to have a big cousins picture like this, too bad not all family members were present, but it was a good representation of the families.

A random good picture of Ben and grandma Kloss from Thanksgiving.

I think I might have posted this picture before, but if not, it was the first time we got to meet the newest family members, Jay and Johanna.
The proud uncle with both new babies :)
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