Sunday, December 30, 2012

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights

A couple of weeks ago we hit up the Lincoln Park Zoo and stayed to check out the "zoo lights." They sure do a lot of work at the zoo making it all in lights like they do, definitely worth the trip, especially when it is not so freezing cold outside. We went on a fairly "nice" weathered afternoon, evening, so it wasn't horrible wondering through the zoo in the winter. It was pretty nice and the kids loved seeing the animals, and going on the carousel ride. Although Alicia's biggest complaint of the night was that the "monkey's house smelled like poop" well, it was the truth. I think Alicia really liked seeing Santa Claus and telling him what she wanted for Christmas. Ben, however, still is not too fond of the guy in the big red suit, he was good at an arm's distance away still.


Hey, look who we found, good ole Santa Claus.

A few pics of the city at night- Chicago sure is pretty.

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