Thursday, November 21, 2013

it's a great pumpkin story

The kids worked hard and planted some pumpkin plants at Grandma Kloss' house this summer. It was the first summer to try this "experiement" at Grandma's house, as we were not sure if anything would even grow there. Grandma hasn't had a garden there in years, but we thought it was worth a shot. The kids had fun with the planting process and enjoying seeing an occasional text update from Grandma Kloss on how the pumpkin plants were growing! 


And here's my pumpkins ;-) !!  
 Grandma brought the kids the pumpkins that grew in the garden.

Pumpkin decorating time!
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Entertaining himself

Glad Ben could entertain himself at Alicia's OT apt last night, as he was going on way too many hours up without a nap ..thought for sure he was going to nap, nope , he was full of spunk.. :/ not liking this wake up really early thing and sometimes not napping during day..