Sunday, December 30, 2012

see you later Christmas tree

Perhaps it is a bit ba-hum-bug-ish, but the tree has been shelved until next year. It was up for about a good month, so I think the time is due, plus I can't handle any more ornaments being broken or the cat camping out in the tree anymore. I think the ornament breakage total for this year was about 5... yeah, not cool, since I don't think I've ever had that many go down total in all the years with the cat and the tree, guess the Ben factor had an impact this year.

 kids having fun in the tree box

kids under the tree

mommy and Ben under the tree

Tanner cat camping out near the tree acting like how a nice cat should....

wait, what's wrong with this picture. yeah, a cat in the tree

Tanner camping IN the tree... It was hard to move him out, or else he'd get scared and knock over the whole darn tree or break an ornament on the way down, so you kind of had to let him do his own thing in the tree and let him come down on his own. I don't think Santa approved of this type of activity... naughty cat.
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