Thursday, April 26, 2012


Ben might not be talking or saying real words yet, but he is getting the pointing thing down better.. Yes, he pulled over his Tigger riding toy and used it as a step stool to point at the cookies on the counter I was making... What a Smart little cookie.. :-D

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Alicia self portrait

Here's Alicia in her dress outfit she created.. Lol. Only Alicia could fit into a skort/skirt like this, haha. That must have took some stretching around to fit we head into the leg holes.. Either way, she then drew her picture in a dress similar with the purple blue shirt top and blue dress.. :)

Not a new step stool..

Come on, kid, this is NOT a new step stool. Poor turtle toy is meant for blocks to be built on it, not for kids to stand on it. :( perhaps I need to put this toy away again until we are ready to use it the "right" way.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Why we keep the bathroom doors closed part 2

Newest trick I caught him doing.. Splish splashy... Turning water on is fun too... :P

happy birthday daddy


Happy birthday, daddy Drew! We love you very much and hope you have a great day today. Alicia said, "I want to make daddy a birthday cake! while Ben just says "da da da da" - aka, Love you, daddy!

Thursday, April 19, 2012


Painting fun this afternoon. We used a non-toxic homemade paint. Which was good as Ben later decided it was looking and smelled good to taste and got a surprise salty taste instead, yuck. To make it, it was Super easy, equal part flour, salt and water and stir together. Then just add in either a bit of powdered Kool-aid, Jello or food coloring.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday, April 5, 2012

never leave the bathroom door open

This is why we have to keep the bathroom doors closed all the time... In literally seconds, he climbs up and gets into the sink and helps himself.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Ben's 1st haircut

Yep, I had some long curly hair in the back. Daddy said "cut it off!" - Mommy said "no, it's cute." Daddy said "he's going to look like a girl with those curls" - Mommy said "well.. I guess with those adorable blue eyes and that blonde hair.." So off to the hair cut place with mommy I went...

I got to pick out my very own video to watch. I don't like tv very much yet, but Elmo seemed kinda cool.

Yep- check out those crazy curls in the back.

I am just sooo cute.

Ok, we are ready to roll.

Say good-bye to those curls in the back. I guess it was kinda long, see when it was wet, I was nice and wavy.  

Lady, don't cut too much off the top, got it?? 

Cruisin' in my car. Vroom...

Sporting my new hairdo. The lady thought I'd be looking cool with a spike. It's ok, I wasn't sure of the sticky wet stuff she put in my hair though, my bananas that I squish up and sometimes put in my hair probably would worked just fine instead of that girly product.  

My certificate for being a big boy. Although the crazy lady, signed it wrong, I think the year is a tad off below.. 2017?!  I think I'd have some really long hair if I waited until then to get my first hair cut..
-Ben - age 13 months
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