Sunday, September 20, 2015

happy 13th birthday, Tanner!!

Our first baby (er, furbaby) is turning 13... pretty crazy, we found Tanner's birth paper certificate stuff while cleaning out an old box the other day and then realized we were celebrating his birthday month with the kids wrong all these years. lol. We thought he was born in October, as we got him in early November, so really we were almost celebrating the time we got him vs his actual birth date which was Sept 17, 2002. Either way, we couldn't be happier with our crazy dog-like cat that we have in our family. He surely keeps us all entertained and gives lots of snuggles and love, and has adjusted to the changes well, not to mention he acts like he hasn't aged a bit and doesn't act like an old fat cat yet (knock on wood). 
Happy 13th birthday, Tanner!

 Tanner, as a kitten, not too long after we brought him home. 

Ben and Alicia realized they add up to how old Tanner is! Ben (4) + Alicia (9) = Tanner (13) #funmathfact

 A little frosting and ice cream for the birthday boy. He didn't care for the vanilla ice cream and went for my mint ice cream instead. only way he'd wear the birthday hat was for some Betty Janes grasshopper mint ice cream..