Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ben's First Trip

A few weeks ago, we made our first trip back to Dubuque as a family of 4. (not counting Tanner). Alicia was excited to see Papa Mike and Grandma Karen as it was our first trip back since Thanksgiving due to the complications of Heather's pregnancy, as well as the birth of Ben. It was the first time the Kluesners from Dubuque were able to see the little guy.

We were able to get a few things done during our trip. We saw Auntie Up, Cali (man she's getting big), Fred(Ann)/Todd, Tony/Michelle and of course Grandma Karen and Papa Mike. We also were able to sneak in a Taco Pizza Fix, a birthday Cookie (Dad, Todd and Michelle)

Here's a few pictures from Dubuque (Cali is in Pink and Ben is in Blue)

On our way back home, we stopped off in Stockton to visit Heather's side. Besides Bev/Billy/Mary, Ben met his great uncle Eric and great Aunt Vera. As well as his great aunt viola and great uncle Bob.
Ben had a great trip. He slept the entire way. Hope this behavior lasts for a few more years. It'll make the trips back home more enjoyable. We are looking forward to our next trip.
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