Saturday, March 19, 2011

Ah! 2 kids in the crib.

While Alicia was playing in her room, and Ben was resting in his crib earlier this morning, I thought it was the perfect time to catch up on our mountain of laundry upstairs. A few minutes went by and things were really quiet in Alicias room, so I thought I better look. I looked in to find this...

Pretty cute and amazed that Alicia didn't move Ben or wake him up when she climbed up next to him. Disclaimer: Don't worry grandmas, the side was down in the crib so she didn't do any crazy climbing to get in. The crib is set up like a daybed for Alicia to use too now since Ben isn't sleeping in it at night yet. Once Ben starts to roll and move more, or when we put him in there more, the wall will be going back up.

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