Wednesday, March 2, 2011

1 month in

Here's a few recent pictures of the newest 1 month old in the Kluesner household and his big sister.

Ben has his next doctor's apt. on Thursday so we'll see how much he weighs in at then. I have a feeling he is getting longer, as we have a newborn sleeper that isn't fitting like it was a few weeks ago, so that is reassuring he is growing or atleast gaining some weight. Ben is still on the every 2-3 hour feeding schedule, so, ugh, to sleepless nights and not a lot of constant sleep for mommy and daddy. We are hoping it is a growth spurt and he starts going for a longer span of time between feedings sometime soon. :/ hopefully soon, so we'll see...

Alicia is doing great with Ben considering everything that is changing around home. She is being a big helper most of the time, however we have a few power struggles and moments with her, but she's a trooper. It's sweet, everyday when Alicia comes home from preschool she always asks "how's Ben today" and wants to see him, even before giving mommy a hug! She also is very interested when Ben is crying and wants to make sure he is ok and lets us know, "I think Ben needs a diaper," or "I think Ben is hungry" or the other day was "Ben wants mommy to hold him" so she is trying to figure out how this little guy works just like us :)

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Ann said...

They look like a good pair!!