Friday, March 2, 2012

new years day fun

We welcomed 2012 at the Suttmann's annual New Year's Day party. What's more fun than starting the new year off right with a big party with so many friends!
Things really have changed in just a few years - check out our group back in 2008!

Here's the kids' table - Starting with Ben in the upper right corner, we have Ben, Alicia, Carl, Lucas, Hannah, Kaylee, Megan, and Nathaniel.

Here's the big kids' table :)

Our group as a whole! the Suttmann's, Bormet's, Ford's, the Kluesner's, the Russell's and the Soukup's

Well, we atleast tried the kids on the couch shot... not many happy campers here, lol... Maybe we should have tried to bribe them or did this shot at the beginning of the night next time.

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