Friday, March 9, 2012

Mr red cheeks

I feel this is more of a public service announcement.. A few people have been asking about Ben's dairy concerns/allergy/intolerance. Not sure what we can call it right now other than doctors say to "avoid it (dairy) if we can" or keep it in small doses for now and we'll address is more when he gets older. This is what begins to happen (redness on his face, etc) when he does consume some amount of dairy, it will start on his cheeks and often travel to his neck/back/belly if it was a larger dose of dairy. It is not as advanced as Alicia's tree nut allergies, thank god, but we still need to be aware of his diet.
This is what happened about 4-5 hours or so after he ate some soy yogurt. Moral of story..not all Soy yogurt is dairy-free so please please read the label very carefully. I'm learning... This soy yogurt did say it had milk-based live cultures, but I wasn't sure if that was an acceptable level of dairy for Ben to tolerate.. Obviously not, poor Mr Red Cheeks. :(

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