Sunday, May 6, 2012

A Golden Birthday for Ben

Ben celebrated his golden birthday this year turning 1 on the 1st of February. Poor kiddo though wasn't up to his normal self, as he had a yucky bug and had a quick trip to the doctor's office on his birthday to get checked out. Poor guy couldn't even eat a special birthday treat on his day because he was so icky feeling.

This was Ben most of the day on his birthday.. tanked, not from having too much fun, but instead trying to fight off some cold/flu bugs. Not a happy camper most of the day... :(

Luckily the next day, Ben was feeling much better! He was getting back to himself more and the doctors said that he could eat cake today! Yeah, that is enough to make anyone feel better! :)   

Ben and his big balloons with mommy, daddy, and Alicia.
FINALLY! Some cake! A local bakery makes allergy friendly cupcakes, so I bought him a vanilla one to try out.

Yep... I think he liked it..

Alicia's card that she made for her little brother's birthday!
 Up next, pictures from Ben's big birthday bash!
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